Love is the Path

Consciousness Is the Journey

“Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.”
— ~ Toltec Proverb


Helping you SHINE YOUR LIGHT and be the LOVE.

A mixed model approach towards a more peaceful, heart-centered mind.

Whether you choose REIKI HEALING, TRANSFORMATIONAL COACHING, or the SOUL ALIGNMENT, your life, relationships, circumstances, and situation will take on new meaning and vigor. Your Light will shine brighter, and the Love present in each moment will become more palpable.

I am looking forward to connecting with you!



Stephen William Leeper is a Healer, Coach, and a perpetual student of Consciousness.

Combining his certification in Strategic Intervention Coaching, with the Kundalini, Usui, and Celestine Reiki Series, along with over 25 years of personal growth and development experience, Stephen (pronounced: stɛfən) has made a lifelong commitment to being of service to others.

While undergoing his first full Spiritual Awakening, a unique model for Consciousness began to reveal itself. Stephen began to develop this model using the knowledge, research, and personal experiences he has collected over his lifetime. Now, by applying the techniques and skills he has acquired through study, together with his innate ability as an empath, his unique model forms the bedrock of Stephen’s practice as a healer and coach.

Currently, Stephen is based in New Orleans, where he lives with the woman of his dreams, their darling daughter, and five fur babies.

Your visions will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
— Jung



What would life be like if you were more connected to your True Self? Every day you give so much of your time, energy, and spirit to others, that it often feels you have lost a part of yourself along the way. You long to feel more at peace, but you don’t know where to begin.

Combining Reiki, Guided Meditation, Transformational Coaching, and many other trainings, every SOUL ALIGNMENT is a truly unique experience, unlike anything you’ve felt before. Each session works to establish and develop a deeper, more meaningful connection to your Truest Self.

Together we will uncover your conscious and unconscious desires: everything from the rational to the mystical, all to reveal a deeper connection to YOU and “All That Is”.*

You will walk out of your session with a new way of seeing the world, and a new way of experiencing yourself within it. You will feel lighter, more relaxed, more peaceful than ever before.

*You may call this God, the Universe, a Higher Power – we can use whichever feels most true, most comfortable, for you.

Available in-person at my New Orleans office, or remotely via video call.




60-90 minutes

Perhaps you are working towards an important goal and you need a fresh perspective in order to get there a little faster. Or maybe you feel “stuck” in a particular way-of-thinking – you know it is not helping you to think this way, but you are unsure of how to break free from these recurring negative thought patterns.

Using Strategic Intervention techniques, with a multiple perspective approach, we will work together to help you transform your mindset FOR LIFE. You will be provided a supportive, encouraging environment for unlocking your full potential. The skills and techniques you carry with you following one of our GROWTH MINDSET & MINDFULNESS COACHING sessions will serve you in every aspect of your life: your romantic relationships, your family life, and your business.

Why wait another day to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE?

Available in-person at my New Orleans office, or remotely via video call.




Reiki is an ancient form of energy healing in which your HIGHER SELF is guiding your healing experience. The Reiki Healer is merely a conduit for the powerful healing energy to come through. Reiki can be used to help uncover pain and provide healing to all areas of your SELF, whether that pain is physical, psychological, or emotional.

If you have yet to add REIKI HEALING to your personal self-care toolbox, now is the time!

Available in-person at my New Orleans office.

The Universe is always speaking to us. We can only listen to it’s wisdom when we are still from within.
— Dr. Shefali Tsabary